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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our honey raw?


I have been asked this question many times. The word "raw" implies uncooked, so yes our honey is definitely raw. I believe the question customers are really trying to ask is - is our honey supermarket honey? Supermarket honey is sometimes pasteurised and/or pressure filtered.

Our honey is not processed using these methods. We do have to warm the honey to allow it to flow through the filters by gravity. These filters will still allow small particles such as pollen through.

According to the 2015 Honey Labelling Regulations, the term "raw" is not a legal description of honey. Therefore the word "raw" is not permitted to be used on the label. This is enforced by Trading Standards if brought to their attention.

So, if you see the word "raw" on a honey label, you may wish to stop and think - if they cannot get the label right then what's in the jar?



I have seen a swarm of bees!


A swarm of bees is a magnificent sight and rarely seen these days. They are not to be feared; just keep your distance and they will not harm you. They are generally young bees with bellies full of honey and show very little defensive behaviour.

It is wise to get the swarm collected - most beekeepers will only charge a nominal sum to cover their costs.

If left on the bush or fence they have settled on, in time they will move on themselves.. possibly into your roof or chimney, so getting them collected promptly is recommended!

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