Fawkham Bee Company
Fawkham Bee Company


For Sale. Collection Only:

5 Frame National Overwintered Nucs - £210.00 (Usually available from early April)


5 Frame National Nucs - £190.00 (Available throughout the active season)


Queens for sale - £40.00 (Available mid-May through to August)


Bulk Honey in 30lb buckets - Please contact for price details.


For ordering and enquiries, email: roy@fawkhambeecompany.co.uk

Services Available

  • Swarms collected locally

  • Honey Bees removed as required

  • Pollination contracts undertaken

  • Wasp nests destroyed


If any other services are required, feel free to contact me and ask for details. You can do so by clicking the 'Contact Details' tab.

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